In an attempt to illuminate one of the hardest topics, Two Mortals uses headphone verbatim (pioneered by Roslyn Oades) and integrated sound composition to create a tapestry of voices, opinions and insights into how we face mortality.


‘I think the only thing worse than death, is the thought of wasting all your non-dead time obsessing over it’

- posted by Heatherann at 4:14pm





Mortality is something we all carry around with us. Often the conversation we have regarding it is with ourselves, or quietly to a trusted friend. With delicacy, cheekiness and wit, Two Mortals investigates: ‘how can we talk about death, and if we could, would it enrich our lives?’


Created from interviews with people who work and live with mortality everyday, an undertaker, a minister, a cryogenicist, a carer, a palliative care nurse, a counsellor, Michael Jackon. This multi-character performance uses headphone verbatim technique, inlcuding pre-show interviews from the audience, unique to every performance.


"Slick and funny and moving and familiar and heartfelt and confronting and delightful."


Wearing earpieces and performing an audio script the actors dip in and out of characters whose words, breath, rhythm and vocal tone have been kept in tact.


The result is a warm, humourous and moving exploration of mortality in many of its guises.


Two Mortals premiered at La Mama in October 2013 and had a successful return season in February 2014. 


Two Mortals is touring in 2014/2015 and with its small set and team, is available for bookings. Please contact for technical requirements and more details.


"a funny, touching, warm, exciting and clever show. For a show about death it was surprising to see the serene expressions on audience members faces as they left the theatre"

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